Bring cash $265 (or $315), passport pictures, licence; keep receipts



To register, you will need the following:

–– Registration Fee — US$250

–– Letter of application (NOT SURE WHAT THIS IS)

–– Copy of up-to-date CV

–– Application for Registration (Form 1) — to be completed by applicant (AVAILABLE ONLINE)

–– Statutory Declaration (Form 2) — to be completed by the applicant and then can be countersigned by a

notary (the “attesting authority”) in your home country or in Malawi

if you are already there

–– Notarised copies of all qualifications (i.e. Medical Degree certificate, postgraduate diploma certificates, etc.)

–– Certificate of Good Standing and a notarised copy of your current registration licence from home regulatory

body (e.g. GMC)

–– Certificate of Good Standing or reference from your current employer (WE WILL PROVIDE)
RippleAfrica provides a good intro and also registration information

Washington DC embassy website
Malawi Tourism website
More details here
As from 1 October 2015, Malawi has introduced new visa requirements to include nationals of those countries where Malawian’s are required to pay for visas. You can check which nationalities require a visa and for contacts for Malawi’s Diplomatic Missions around the world. VISA is now required for US citizens.

Visas for the majority of nationalities can be obtained on arrival in Malawi (excluding those specified below as having to obtain them in advance). Although the process at the ports of entry is currently time-consuming, even travellers arriving unaware of the new requirements armed only with their passports are having visa applications processed on arrival and are successfully entering the country.

However, current official advice to avoid unnecessary inconveniences is to obtain a Malawi visa in advance of travel from the nearest Malawi Diplomatic Mission. For visas to be obtained on arrival it is also preferable, if possible, to take application forms (click here to download) and the items detailed in the requirements below, plus the requisite visa fee in US$ cash:

• Valid passport for not less than six months

• Two passport photos

• Covering letter

• Invitation letter (excludes tourists)

• Air ticket/Itinerary

• Confirmed Hotel booking

• Three months latest bank statements